Where and how to start the DevOps transformation journey
Tackling some uncertainties and reducing the risk of failing when starting a DevOps transformation journey within organizations.
Use Telemetry to amplify feedback and see problems as they occur
Collecting useful information from your system to quickly recover from failures, and being able to detect and respond to problems as they occur.
Deliver faster by applying the DevOps Flow techniques
Creating the foundations of your deployment pipeline and adopting the practices of the Flow to deliver software faster and safer.
The Principles of DevOps
Introducing the 3 principles of the DevOps culture, that allows us to deliver software faster and safer, creating a safe system of work with a hight trust culture.
Hosting private NPM packages for free
A simple and practical way to publish and host private NPM packages for free.
Boost your Cypress end-to-end Tests
4 simple tips to improve the speed and the maintainability of your cypress tests.
Continuous Integration with Github Actions and Cypress
Easily configuring a CI pipeline to run end-to-end tests with Cypress and Github Actions, posting comments on pull requests with test results.
The joy of learning new stuff has been stolen
When did developers start feeling so anxious about learning new things? Why learning is not as joyful as it seems before we start?
Validating user email domains with AWS Cognito
Here we will see how can we control users' sign-in using only allowed email domains, by using Cognito and Lambda Functions.
Securing Vuejs applications with Access Control List
Creating an Access Control List to secure your Vuejs application routes.