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Projeto e Análise de Algoritmos, minha experiência
Compartilhando minha experiência cursando a disciplina Projeto e Análise de Algoritmos (PAA) durante o programa de mestrado em Ciência da Computação (DCC/UFMG).
Re-evaluating Measurement Algorithms in Software
This paper demonstrates that simple hash tables are often more efficient than sketch and heap-based solutions for measurement algorithms used in network monitoring.
Traffic monitoring applications using eBPF programmable networks
Summary of a paper demonstrating that network traffic monitoring tools can be efficiently implemented using an SDN approach with an eBPF/BPFabric data-plane.
End-to-End Network Delay Guarantees for Real-Time Systems Using SDN
This paper demonstrates how it is possible to support critical network flows for Real-Time Systems in a Software Defined Network.