Integration tests with Docker
A more maintainable way to provision and manage the lifecycle of the dependencies that your application needs to run integration tests.
Sistemas de mensageria
Conhecendo a história dos sistemas de mensageria, seus conceitos básicos, pontos fortes e seus principais problemas.
Theros: CLI para deploy de sites estáticos
Usando Nodejs para criar uma interface de linha de comando para facilitar o processo de deploy de sites estáticos no S3.
Refactoring a RPG Game
Refactoring the RPG Game project that I have implemented a time ago for a job interview and documenting some lessons learned.
Bringing back OSGi
The basics about Open Services Gateway Initiative with a practical guide to create modular applications using Apache Felix OSGi container.
The internet master switch
How Google, Facebook and Amazon are creating internet monopolies, and how their huge influence is causing irreversible damages.
The shame of being a non-passionate developer
Thoughts about an emerging obsession of being passionate about coding.
OAuth Github web flow doesn't support CORS
When exchanging a code for an access token, there are an additional set of errors that can occur. Here is a workaround for a common one.
Creating page visit statistics using Redis
Easily creating page visit statistics using strings and bitmaps on Redis.
Sharing data across Vuejs components
Some easy approaches to share data across components built for Vuejs small and medium applications.