Eraser: A Dynamic Data Race Detector for Multithreaded Programs
This paper presents the design and implementation of Eraser, a tool for dynamically detecting racing conditions (data race) in lock-based multithreaded programs.
Serverless Computation with OpenLambda
This paper presents the advantages and main challenges of implementing OpenLambda, a platform for building applications using the serverless computation model.
The Singularity system
This paper shows how safe, modern programming languages let Microsoft rethink the architectural trade-offs in a experimental operating system.
Xen and the Art of Virtualization
This paper presents Xen, an x86 virtual machine monitor which allows multiple operating systems to share conventional hardware in a safe and resource managed fashion.
Exokernel: An Operating System Architecture for Application-level Resource Management
The paper written in 1995, presents the exokernel architecture an alternative OS architecture to address traditional kernel limitations.
The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System
The paper written in 1984, concentrates on the evolution of UNIX file system, the process-control mechanism, and the idea of pipelined commands.
The UNIX Time-Sharing System
The paper written in 1974, presents the main aspects of the UNIX Operating System with its file system, I/O operations, process synchronization, and the shell implementation.
Running Cypress end-to-end tests in parallel using AWS Codepipeline CI
Implementing an AWS Codepipeline for running end-to-end tests with AWS Cloudwatch scheduled events
Where and how to start the DevOps transformation journey
Tackling some uncertainties and reducing the risk of failing when starting a DevOps transformation journey within organizations.
Use Telemetry to amplify feedback and see problems as they occur
Collecting useful information from your system to quickly recover from failures, and being able to detect and respond to problems as they occur.