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4 simple tips to improve the speed and the maintainability of your cypress tests.
Continuous Integration with Github Actions and Cypress
Easily configuring a CI pipeline to run end-to-end tests with Cypress and Github Actions, posting comments on pull requests with test results.
The joy of learning new stuff has been stolen
When did developers start feeling so anxious about learning new things? Why learning is not as joyful as it seems before we start?
Validating user email domains with AWS Cognito
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Creating an Access Control List to secure your Vuejs application routes.
Securely centralized configuration with Spring Cloud Config
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Livros, blog posts e documentários que me influenciaram
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O que é Memory Safety
Entendendo o significado de Memory Safety em linguagens e programas, com exemplos em C.
Entendendo e explorando Buffer Overflow
Como explorar e como funcionam vulnerabilidades Buffer Overflow em programas C e C++.